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XL Antler Chandeliers Reproduction

A unique lighting fixture can instantly bring your home’s style up by several notches. Many home decorators love to incorporate natural elements into their designs, which is why even modern urban homes can be seen with at least one or two unique rustic furniture in them. In the past, antler chandeliers were only a common sight in mountain lodges, log cabins, and country homes. Today, however, typical homes are starting to follow the growing trend, especially home owners who want to get in touch with their country roots. Antler chandeliers are simple yet very stylish. The natural curves and contours of the animal antlers give the pieces a unique pattern and design. Oversized antler chandeliers look best in spacious, vaulted ceilings. They offer warmth and give your home a certain rural feel, even if it is in the midst of a busy urban city.

Our XL antler chandeliers are perfect for adding that homelike country feel to your home. All of these beautiful pieces are made from quality reproduction antlers that have natural finish to effectively replicate the natural beauty of real antlers. These XL Antler chandeliers will look good anywhere in your home and are best paired with other antler furniture and decor to complete the rustic look you want.