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XL Antler Chandeliers

Wild animal antlers—especially those from moose and elks—are generally large. This is why chandeliers made out of these precious shedding are often sizeable and make for great focal pieces. Antler chandeliers are the crystal chandeliers of the modern world, sought after by people who want a unique piece of furniture that adds a natural charm to their home decor. XL antler chandeliers or oversized chandeliers are often made out of multiple sets of antlers, arranged and organized to create a unique pattern or a multi-tiered design. While these types of chandeliers are only often seen in grand establishments like lodges, restaurants, and hotels, any home with a vaulted ceiling large enough to hold an enormous piece can handle an extra large antler chandelier.

Antlers vary widely in type, size, pattern and weight, which is why it is important to choose the kind of fixture to install in your home. XL antler chandeliers can be very heavy, which makes them suitable only for homes with sturdy and well built ceilings. The sheer size of these types of chandeliers also require more space, which makes vaulted ceilings a more appropriate setting. Some types of deer antlers are also more durable than others. With these in mind, you can have a more informed decision when purchasing an antler chandelier for your own home. Here, you will find beautiful elk, moose, and deer antler chandelier arrangements and designs, including combination arrangements that will surely complement almost any type of home decor you may have.