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Small-Med Chandeliers Reproduction Small chandeliers are just as elegant as large, multi-tiered pieces when placed in the perfect spots within the home. Bedrooms with full-sized glass windows that look out to the tree lined greenery outside call for small-med antler chandelier. A small and simple antler chandelier arrangement is enough to reflect the beauty outside and bring at least one natural element inside the room. Small to medium sized chandeliers are also ideal as lighting above the dining table, especially when in a rustic-themed space. Hanging an antler chandelier overhead is a good way to bring a homely atmosphere into the dining room. A small-med antler chandelier placed near a fireplace creates another picture-perfect setting, combined with wooden furniture and stunning rustic decor. With the right design, an antler chandelier can very well compliment a home office setting as well as a kitchen bar or a countertop. You don’t need a three-tier chandelier to make your home looking elegant and chic. A small antler chandelier with enough curves, spikes, and light will do as well in giving your home just a little more edge and style.

Our small to medium chandeliers can be used with or without shades to maximize lighting. They are just the right size to create a perfect balance with your space, and colors and finishes are very natural, making it easier to mix and match with other room furniture.