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Small-Med Chandeliers Size matters. The size of a male deer’s antlers is often directly proportional to his temperament and his ability to attract a female mate. Just the same, the larger a shed antler is, the higher its value. But is big always better?

At this website When it comes to decorating your home with unique furniture such as a real antler chandelier, it is important to consider not only the style but the size of the furniture. Oversized antler lamps or chandeliers will only make a small room look and feel more crowded than it really is. Size matters, but proportion does, too, which is why small to medium-sized rooms also need small to medium-sized chandeliers for a more spacious and more balanced look.

supplemental resources A small chandelier will look ridiculously out of place in a large room, but if you can’t afford an oversized chandelier, you can always install several small antler chandeliers to fill the void. The larger the size of an antler chandelier is, the more expensive it gets. Purchasing several antler chandeliers is a good work-around. In addition, you will have a very unique installation that consists of several complimenting pieces, making your setup even more interesting. You may check out our beautiful collection of small-med antler chandeliers for your similarly sized rooms.