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Reproduction Antler Chandeliers Faux or reproduction antler chandeliers are gaining great popularity with interior decorators and homeowners. In addition to the obvious advantage of being cheaper than real antler chandeliers, reproductions are preferred by many because of their many advantages. First, faux antler chandeliers are modeled after real antlers that have already been processed and trimmed to shape. This means less work and minimal crafting or shaping come production time. Unlike real antlers, the material for reproduction antlers is readily available year-round, instead of relying on the one-time annual shedding of real animal antlers. Since supply is readily available and accessible, production is continuous, ultimately keeping down its price.

more helpful hints You get the same rustic feel from reproduction antler chandeliers that you would from the genuine article. This is because reproductions are carefully crafted and processed to look as close to the real thing as possible. Most people find a hard time telling a faux antler chandelier from a real one just by looking at it. Additionally, faux antler chandeliers are also way lighter than those made from solid and heavy antlers. This means less strain on your ceiling and your home’s construction, not to mention less injuries/damage on property should an accident arise.

hydrocodone generic name for vicodin Reproductions can give you the same elegance and beauty that you want from a real antler chandelier at a fraction of the price. While they may be more brittle than the real thing, they still pass as good investment for your home. Check out some great choices of reproduction antler pieces, lamps, chandeliers, and other antler furniture as you browse these pages.