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Real Antler Chandeliers

hydrocodone syrup price street Once only found in cabins and log homes, trophy antlers made into beautiful chandeliers and other home accessories have made their way into modern homes, adding a natural touch to almost any room. Not only do antler chandeliers and other antler accessories offer great decorative value—they are also very functional as lighting fixtures, making them an even more popular choice among utilitarian folks. However, you should consider whether to invest on real antler chandeliers or simply go for a reproduced piece that use faux antlers made out of a certain type of resin.

Website Real antler chandeliers are made from genuine antlers harvested from annually shedding animals like white-tail deer, fallow deer, mule deer, moose, and elk. While producing a genuine antler chandelier can be a very time-consuming process, the reward is one unique piece that you can hang up your ceiling with pride. Naturally, real antler chandeliers will cost more than faux antler chandeliers crafted from a certain type of hand-stained resin, but authenticity matters, especially when you are into genuine articles. Just like any genuine antique piece of furniture, real antler chandeliers can be considered a prized possession that increase value through time.

resource site Faux antler chandeliers are good alternatives to the real deal when you are short on budget as reproduction antlers cost half as much or even less than real antlers. They are practical and are as close in appearance to the real stuff as possible, especially when skillfully crafted. People can rarely tell the difference, unless they are true blooded hunters and experts on these kinds of articles.

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