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Antler Lamps

Antler lamps are great as table lamps for nightstands, side tables, and reading areas. They provide extra illumination for different spaces in the home while also adding a certain natural element to the area’s decor and overall design. Though these pieces are not as meant to be used as dedicated study lamps, the rustic ambience that they create is very conducive for reading. Different types of animal antlers are used to make small table lamps, and even tall floor lamps. Elk and deer antlers are among the most common, as they are slender and easy to arrange and shape into lamp stands. Moose antler lamps are rare because of the unique shape of the antler. Just like typical lamps, shades for antler lamps are also available to shield the eyes from the glare of the light bulb. Lampshades and frames come in a wide variety of fabrics and paper for decorative and practical purposes.

When purchasing an antler floor lamp, you should remember the same guidelines as when purchasing a typical floor lamp. Those with a flared shade are practical so you can maximize the spread of light. Height is also an important factor to consider, especially when trying to illuminate a larger area. Floor lamps are ideal for adding light to dark basements, rec rooms, and any corner of the house that needs extra illumination.

Our antler lamps are made out of quality deer antlers harvested from the wild. We support sustainable resources and only harvest shed antlers, ensuring the safety and welfare of antler-producing animals.

Prices of Antler Lamps Vary by Design and Size

The types of antlers used to make antler lamps vary within the species of the deer family and the more exotic antlers command the highest prices. You can typically find an antler lamp made of moose, elk or mule deer antler. However, antler lamps made with the larger antlers of the moose typically cost more. No matter which type of antler lamp you choose, you will feel satisfied knowing that you are purchasing a unique piece of art that will add beauty and mystique to your home. And because the antlers are shed naturally each year from the animals after the mating season is over, owning an antler lamp is a wonderful and ecologically mindful way to enhance your home with something that is reusable from nature.