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Pool Table Antler Chandeliers Whether you own a sports bar or would like a unique lighting above your personal pool table, antler chandeliers are excellent alternatives to regular overhead lighting options that can easily get boring. These pieces have incredible spread, which makes them the ideal lighting fixture even for large areas. They also work great for hanging over billiard tables, making your interior decor more interesting, while keeping a well-lit playing area. Antler chandeliers are a great example of artistic lighting, which you only often see in large establishments. However, with the abundance of different types of antler chandeliers and light fixtures available today, it is not impossible to get the same classy fixtures right in your own home.

hydrocodone 10 500mg street value Real or faux, antler chandeliers make excellent ceiling and overhead lights. They can be used almost anywhere in the home, including your entertainment room. Pool table antler chandeliers are widely available from manufacturers of real and reproduction antler chandeliers. However, if you want unique, multi-function antler chandeliers, our designs might just be the perfect choice. Our pool table antler chandeliers double as dining table chandeliers, featuring up and down lights for maximum utility. Use the downward pointing lights on the pool table and switch to the upward pointing lights for dinner! Hour antler chandeliers are made from real moose, deer, and elk antlers, and are available in a wide selection of unique designs. Customizable options are also available if you want an exclusive piece just for yourself.