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Large Antler Chandeliers Reproduction Almost any type of antler can be reproduced, making faux antler chandeliers an even more viable choice especially if you have a very specific antler type in mind. Large antler reproduction chandeliers are often made out of moose and elk antlers, or a combination of different types of deer antlers. Just like any type of rustic decor, these types of home installations are a great match for country-style furniture and fixtures made out of similar materials like antler lamps and other decorative rustic elements.

hydrocodone 10/500 mg Smaller antler chandeliers are often made from whitetail deer shedding, which are less substantial than moose and elk antlers. However, several sets or pairs of whitetail deer antlers can also be formed and arranged into large antler chandeliers (though the added weight can be an issue, especially for weak ceilings). Reproduction versions are significantly lighter, making them suitable for installation in almost any structure.

Additional bonuses Our large reproduction chandeliers range from 37 to 50 inches in diameter and between 19 and 47 inches in height, giving you plenty of choices. They are all skillfully and neatly assembled by hand, hiding away all wiring, bolt, and light settings for a more natural effect. You cannot tell reproduction chandeliers from genuine pieces, allowing you to get the same grace and style as a real antler chandelier at a fraction of the price.