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  • What is the color of the ceiling plate and chain?
  • We offer rustic bronze or black. Please specify if you have a preference. The ceiling plate is standard fit.

  • How do I know how big of a chandelier I need?
  • To determine the best size of chandelier for a given space; add the width and and length of room in feet and convert to inches (for example, if the room is 15′ x 15′ (16 + 16 = 30), the chandelier should be 30″Diameter. For height, 8 – 10 feet off the floor to the bottom of the chandelier is best, so there is proper of clearance below. For a dining room installation the size of the table should be taken into consideration – the chandelier should not overwhelm the table, i.e. be wider than the table itself. For standard height ceilings (8′) hang the fixture 30″ above table; adding 3″ per foot of height over and above that (10 ft ceiling = 36″ space from table top to bottom of fixture).

  • Do you wholesale?
  • We are the manufacturer and sell directly which guarantees a great price! Our margins are very low so our prices are the same for everyone. Please make sure that you are comparing the bottom line price; some manufacturers offer discounts to the trade but their bottom line price is still considerably higher. With there are no minimum orders and the prices are always competitive.

  • Can the chandeliers be installed outdoors?
  • The chandeliers are UL approved for indoor use only.

  • Are your chandeliers CSA / UL certified?
  • Yes, our chandeliers are certified in the US and Canada for safety and to comply with building codes.

  • Is the wiring and junction boxes concealed?
  • Yes. We drill the antlers and run the wiring inside so all you see is the natural beauty of the antlers. Some companies glue the wires on top of the antlers. This is quick, cheap, and very noticeable.

  • What wattage of bulbs can I use?
  • Our real antler chandeliers approved for up to 60 Watt per bulbs, reproduction chandeliers for up to 40 Watt per bulb. The downlights use R14 series 40 Watt bulbs.

  • Do you have to kill deer to get the antlers?
  • No. Deer, moose and elk shed their antlers every year. It is an eco friendly, natural, renewable resource.

  • Can you make me a chandelier using my own antlers?
  • Yes, however, it takes such a large selections of antlers to find the ones that fit together just perfectly. Most people do not have enough antlers to do so. Email us detailed photos of your antlers and we will get back to you with a quote.

  • What is the difference between real and reproduction antlers?
  • Real antlers are shed annually and then collected. They come from deer, elk and moose. Our faux antlers are made from a high quality resin and hand-stained for a true to life look.

  • International Shipping
  • We ship worldwide.
    For Canadian customers we ship from our manufacturing facilities in Canada so there is no duty applicable. For international orders please email us for a freight quote. Please be sure to include the item you are interested in and your full address.

  • What is the difference between types of antler?
  • a. White Tail Deer are native to North America. Their antlers are dense and grow in a letter “C” curve. They are usually paler in color. Chandeliers made with white tail will be thick and heavy. These antlers are ideally suited for chandeliers under 30″ with some possible exceptions. The average antler length is about 1 foot so making large chandeliers with them is impractical as many antlers are needed; it can become expensive.

    b. Mule Deer antlers are the most common deer antlers you will see in North America. They are brown in color. They have a slight curve in them but are straighter than white tail. The average length is about 2 feet. Chandeliers can be built to much larger sizes with mule deer antlers.

    c. Fallow Deer antlers are a European import from Spain. They are very dark brown in color and are palmated. Many people think of them as small moose antlers. Their deep rich color and flowing palmation make a very elegant piece. Per pound, they are the most expensive antlers. Average length is about 2.5 feet.

    d. Elk antlers are commonly used for chandeliers. They are brownish red in color and are long and straight. They range in size from about 2.5 feet to 5 feet long. A great antler for large chandeliers. North American Native.

    e. Moose antlers are very thick. They are naturally large, dark brown antlers. A large moose antler can be about 3 foot by 3 foot in size. This makes very large chandeliers. North American Native.