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Antler Ceiling Fans

To achieve a rustic design, invest in antler ceiling fans that can also function as lighting fixtures for the living room or an area with not enough lighting and/or ventilation. Ceiling fans add ventilation to areas where there are little to no air movement. They promote better air circulation so that warm air does not stay in one place. However, unlike an air conditioner, ceiling fans don’t have the capacity to cool the air around.

Basic ceiling fans are simply electric fans, usually with six blades or paddles and metal arms that connect the blades to the motor. Today, however, ceiling fans also assume the role of overhead lamps, featuring lights installed right on top or below the fan’s motor. Typically, ceiling fans with lamps have assorted switches used for turning the fan and the lights on and off. Adjusting the speed and the direction of the blade’s rotation is also done by flicking different switches, often by tugging a cord that leads to the mechanism. The intensity or dimness of the lamps installed with the ceiling fan can also be adjusted.

Antler ceiling fans are essentially ceiling fans adorned with antlers. Most of the time, the antlers are merely decorative and don’t have any significant purpose to the function of the entire fixture. However, other types of antler ceiling fans use antlers as decorative housing for the lamps or lights that come with the fan. These types of ceiling fans go excellently with other types of antler fixtures and furniture, especially antler chandeliers.

Real Antler White-tail / Mule Deer Celing Fan

Real Antler White-tail / Mule Deer Celing Fan

Real Antler White-tail / Mule Deer Ceiling Fan

Available in reproduction
antlers for $698
Diameter 52″
Height 18″-20″
Lights 3
Wattage 60 watt
Price $898
(Continental US)
Real Antler White-tail / Mule Deer Celing Fan

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