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Antler Sconces

Home lighting fixtures serve two general purposes: utility and aesthetics. Not only do they provide light to dim spaces around the house, they also serve as important decorative elements for different parts of the building. This is why decorators and designers are keen in choosing different types of lighting fixtures to go with different areas of the house. A sconce is one of the most popular types of lighting fixtures used in most homes. Instead of hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier or having a base to stand on like most lamps, sconces are directly attached to the wall. This design is derived from ancient fire torches that are affixed to interior walls of castles and stately homes from centuries past. From torch sconces to gas lamps and today’s electric varieties, the sconce is a truly classic light fixture. Antler sconces are also becoming more popular as their chandelier varieties. They go well with almost any type of interior and exterior decor, and are very useful as night lights along lengthy halls.

Our antler sconces are made from whitetail deer antlers, as well as larger types of animal antlers such as fallow and moose antlers. They come in one, two, and three–light varieties, ideal for all kinds of lighting requirements. Antler sconces are great for use on front and backdoor porches, dark halls, and dim wall spaces in need of extra light, especially during the night.