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Antler Furniture

document Antler furniture (otherwise called horn furniture or deer décor) are cabin-style pieces primarily made out of deer horns or antlers. While originally used only in larger establishments like restaurants and hotels, these types of Midwestern style furniture are also gaining popularity in modern homes that incorporate natural elements into their designs. Furniture made out of antlers are considered antler art. These include chandeliers, and other decorative, functional, and practical items and furnishings like, coffee tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures. Antler fixtures are often a combination of various materials, like wrought iron, glass, and wood. These pieces are often handmade. A lot of planning and conceptualization also go into each antler furniture because antlers—unlike typical materials like wood—are a lot harder to work with because of their unique structure and shape. However, the same unique structure gives these types of furniture the aesthetic edge.

Antler fixtures may be more expensive than other types of designer furniture, and for good reason. Antlers are a rare material and can only be harvested during the natural shedding season, which only occurs at least once a year. Still, they are great investments to have and keep. They offer function, style, and are excellent focal pieces for almost any kind of home setting. Our antler fixtures are guaranteed to have the best quality, crafted by skillful hands. We use only the best select materials for our real and reproduction furniture.